Success Stories

Regis Kenna, Kenna Builders

"Why do I work with Exclusive Windows, Inc? That's easy. It's because they deliver everything I hope for as a builder: quality products, reasonable pricing and reliable service."

Regis Kenna
Kenna Builders, Inc.

Regis Kenna has been an Exclusive Windows, Inc. customer since the company's inception in 1995. After a referral from one of his clients, Regis has used Exclusive Windows, Inc.’s products for more than 25 residential properties he has built, as well as a number of remodeling projects.

Regis appreciates that Exclusive Windows, Inc. offers a full range of quality, high-end products for every type of project. He has used Exclusive Windows, Inc. to supply windows, doors and custom millwork for his projects, including wainscoting, crown moldings, copper ceilings and fireplace mantels. He also likes that Exclusive Windows, Inc. offers dependable delivery and competitive pricing.

The solid relationship he has built with Exclusive Windows, Inc. keeps Regis coming back. "Exclusive Windows, Inc. is easy to deal with. They are fair. They are dependable. I know I'll get what I expect each time I work with them."

Dave Knecht, Northridge Builders, Inc.

“I feel comfortable sending my clients to Exclusive Windows, Inc. They are extremely knowledgeable and accommodating and they give us excellent service.”

David Knecht
President & Owner
Northridge Builders, Inc.

A professional reference connected David Knecht with Exclusive Windows, Inc. in 1995. Since that time, he has collaborated with Exclusive Windows, Inc. on more than 100 projects, including a number of residential historic preservation projects.

David credits the success of this partnership on the commitment Exclusive Windows, Inc. upholds to keep him happy. From superior product knowledge and quality to straightforward communications, exceptional service and competitive pricing, David knows he can count on Exclusive Windows, Inc. He particularly values the support and patience he receives when working on complex projects that require careful design coordination of custom colors, historic windows, interior doors and custom millwork.

David gained first-hand experience of Exclusive Windows, Inc.’s installation services when he worked with them to retrofit the windows on his own home. "They did a great job," he commented. "They replaced the trim on the window space and the new windows fit perfectly. Plus, they took off their shoes, laid out tarps to protect the carpet and furniture and thoroughly vacuumed before they left. That's important."

Kevin Duffy, Residential

“I was very particular about the quality and design of the windows and doors for our new home. Exclusive Windows, Inc. came through with an excellent selection of options — all within budget. I've also been impressed by how firmly they stand behind their work.”

Kevin Duffy

As an artistically inclined individual, Kevin had a vision of a place that would be warm and inviting, light and open. And he insisted on high quality in every aspect of construction. Kevin invested a great deal of time and effort identifying a builder for the property who exhibited the aesthetic and qualitative abilities he was seeking. The builder he selected was Ken Wettour of Regal Development.

In keeping with Kevin's vision, windows and doors were critical elements in his home design. Kevin trusted Ken — and Ken trusted Exclusive Windows, Inc. Within minutes of meeting with Exclusive Windows, Inc., Kevin felt comfortable with their professionalism, knowledge and high quality standards. Exclusive Windows, Inc. was able to supply the particular door and window designs Kevin had in mind.

Today Kevin can look out through the more than 50 windows installed in his home, from large casement windows to decorative radius windows. Double French doors divide both interior and exterior spaces. Thanks in part to Exclusive Windows, Inc., Kevin has made his dream come true.

Richard Olsen, G.O. Architectural Design

“In the past, if I had a problem with a window, I couldn't get the manufacturer's representative to come out and do a repair or replacement. When Exclusive Windows, Inc. hears there might be a problem, they send a professional out right away and they don't stop until the problem is resolved.”

Richard Olsen
G.O. Architectural Design

Richard Olsen enjoys working with Exclusive Windows, Inc. because of the high level of dedication to professional service and commitment he receives. Kenna Builders introduced Richard to Exclusive Windows, Inc. in 1995 when he was working on a new home. Ever since that initial project, he has been impressed by the range and quality of products offered by Exclusive Windows, Inc. and the professionalism with which he is treated.

Richard relies on Exclusive Windows, Inc. professionals for their design flexibility. He claims you can't find a better product or a more creative supplier. He is particularly committed to specifying simulated divided light for his high-end custom homes and likes Eagle products for this purpose. He has also worked with Exclusive Windows, Inc. to supply interior and exterior doors and custom millwork for his projects.

Exclusive Windows, Inc.’s dedication to service and attention to detail was seen during one of Richard’s more complicated projects with clad brick mold exteriors. Each window was specified to fit its unique surroundings. Thanks to Exclusive Windows, Inc.’s diligence, they discovered that Richard forgot to mention a few of the windows, and Exclusive Windows, Inc. managed to have them delivered with the rest of the windows for the project. "That kind of focused commitment is what it's all about," Richard concluded.

Randy King, Architects By Design

“Because Exclusive Windows, Inc. offers a full range of products, I don't have to go to four or five sources to get the quality products my clients want. That makes my life a lot easier. Plus, their pricing is very competitive.”

Randy King
Architects By Design, Inc.

For Randy King, maximizing time and efficiency on his residential and commercial projects is one of the most important aspects of the building process. Randy has been relying on Exclusive Windows, Inc. since it first opened its doors. Together the two companies have collaborated on more than 100 projects. He values being able to go to a single source for windows, skylights, interior and exterior doors, and custom millwork — whether he's designing homes, restaurants or office spaces. He also acknowledges the financial value Exclusive Windows, Inc. has been able to provide on his projects.

Randy feels confident about sending his clients to Exclusive Windows, Inc. He knows they will be treated professionally and given good advice on the quality and aesthetics of their purchases. His clients are comforted by the service guarantee Randy knows Exclusive Windows, Inc. will always deliver.

Judy Lynn, Thomas Homes, Inc.

“Custom windows in custom sizes are frequently a part of the homes we build. I turn to Exclusive Windows, Inc. primarily for the Eagle brand. They make high quality windows at a great value. I especially like the hardware.”

Judy Lynn
President and Owner
Thomas Homes

Gaining Judy Lynn's trust takes dedication and proven service. "It's all about the relationship," Judy says. "Everybody says the same thing, but what counts is who really delivers the knowledge, the service, the ease of working with them and the dependability." For eight years Judy has considered Exclusive Windows, Inc. as one of her preferred vendors for windows, doors and custom millwork. "They're highly knowledgeable and do a quality job in every area," she says.

Judy is a very detailed person - a trait matched by Exclusive Windows, Inc.’s professionals. This is most apparent when she orders custom millwork. "I'm known for using wood in my houses and I often incorporate different profiles of moldings and intricate trim." Exclusive Windows, Inc. craftsmen have come through for her every time.

The equation is simple for Judy: quality products, excellent product knowledge, superior workmanship, competitive pricing, and dependability all add up to a great relationship with Exclusive Windows, Inc.

McNaughton Brothers Construction L.L.C. 

"McNaughton Brothers Construction values quality over quantity at any cost and, in turn, we expect this to be the standard of our vendor partnerships as well. That is precisely why we chose Exclusive Windows- regardless if the project is a remodel or a new construction home. Exclusive Windows has consistently demonstrated their ability to create solutions to issues that arise and deliver on their commitments. Thank you Exclusive Windows for being a great partner in the buisness!"

Matthew McNaughton & William McNaughton III                                                                                                                                                                    

 McNaughton Brothers Construction L.L.C.


J2 Santi Custom Homes

Since 2002, J2 Santi Custom Homes has been utilizing Eagle Windows in the J2 Santi Custom Homes and renovations. The quality of the window is key to our decision to partner with Exclusive Windows. The most improtant factor that continues our partnership with Exclusive Windows goes past the features and benefits of the Eagle Window. What is a true indicator of the level of quality and service Exclusive Windows provides, is the commitment they make to our customer and most importantly keep to our customers. Our Exclusive Windows sales representative is more than a sub contractor to our custom home process, but a true partner and consultant to our client. The knowledge, level of detail, and patience to insure they are educated and happy with their decision are J2 Santi priorities, and they deliver. On many occasions, our happy clients who are marketing for the future J2 Santi clients have commented on the Exclusive partnership. Exclusive Windows always does the right thing when it comes to the customer. From the quality of the window, to the education of the product for the client, to the long-term service follow up, Exclusive Windows exceeds our expectations as a business partner. Recently I got a great testimonial to this mentioned above. A client we built for in 2003 called and said "Exclusive Windows was just out here. No wonder you love your job. What a great company to work with. They came promptly after our call, addressed the issue and were so great to insure it was fixed to our expectations." Client testimonials say it all.

Respectfully,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       J2 Santi Custom Homes